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Hamilton Financial Group, LLC supports both entrepreneurs and closely held businesses with the accounting and consulting services needed for success.

We help the entrepreneur transition from prospective business owner to successful business owner, maximizing profits and tax efficiency. We provide the guidance you need to survive the crucial first stages of business development.

We help closely held businesses with their unique needs. Long-term planning imposes constant demands and challenges. Succession planning, managing the business lifecycle and coordinating retirement and employee incentive plans are just a few of the formidable tasks that you confront.

As these challenges increase in complexity, owners often find themselves struggling to understand and resolve them. Hamilton Financial Group brings a depth of experience from a wide array of disciplines to assist you in the decision-making process. We work closely with you to target and solve the financial issues affecting your business. We provide the financial advice you need to maneuver through the complex issues business owners face.

Through established relationships with lending institutions, we help to arrange financing for your growing business. Additionally, we’ve maintained long-term relationships with attorneys and other business professionals. We invite you to take advantage of our resources to help your business succeed.

  • •  Business transaction structuring and negotiating
  • •  Partnership/shareholder agreement modifications
  • •  Evaluation of purchase overtures
  • •  Guidance on corporate asset sales
  • •  Succession plan development
  • •  Corporate restructuring assistance
  • •  Enhanced financial and management reporting
  • •  Pricing and costing studies
  • •  Internal control review
  • •  Forensic accounting and financial services
  • •  Budgeting and planning
  • •  Cash management reviews
  • •  Financing and debt restructuring
  • •  Financial modeling
  • •  Lease / buy analysis
  • •  Capital asset decision models